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"Lanterna does something that's not easy. His songs are heavily atmospheric but instead of the enclosed, immersive feel that sound often yields, his compositions gallop along pastoral back roads and across desert plains, open to the sky and gathering light like a sun-catcher."
— John Diliberto, Echoes

Lanterna - Hidden Drives, CD

Lanterna released the new album Hidden Drives on June 4th, 2021 on Badman

Photographs by Kevin Salemme and graphic design by Bruce Licher at Licher Art & Design.

Order Hidden Drives from Badman

Watch the first Hidden Drives trailer here:

Watch the second Hidden Drives trailer here:

Check out Ben Geier's video for "Chagrin Boulevard" here:

Lanterna released their single "Chagrin Boulevard" on May 14th! You can listen or buy it here:


Check out Ben Geier's video for "Hidden Drives"here: :

Lanterna released their single "Hidden Drives" on April 9th! You can listen or buy it here:



Champaign, Illinois' Lanterna are pleased to announce the release of their seventh album, Hidden Drives, available June 4th, 2021 on Badman Recording Co. The ten-song collection is guitarist Henry Frayne's latest offering as Lanterna, a mostly instrumental side project, begun some thirty years ago. Since the '80s, Frayne has played in Champaign bands such as Lodestone Destiny, The Syndicate, Ack-Ack, Area, and The Moon Seven Times. The past experiences in these bands influenced every song on the forthcoming Hidden Drives as it has with most previous Lanterna albums.


11/8/21 WEFT Sessions - Champaign, IL - Lanterna - Starts at 10pm - Listen locally 90.1 FM -

11/15/21 Montrose Saloon - Chicago, IL - Brian Krumm and His Barfly Friends - Lanterna plays first. -


6/10/15 The Living Room - Brooklyn, NY - Dave Derby - Lanterna - Show starts at 8pm -

6/11/15 Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA - Lanterna - I Think I Like Midnight - Edit Bunker - Show starts at 9:30pm -

6/12/15 Studio 1469 - Washington, DC (Columbia Heights) - Sansyou - Lanterna - Show starts at 8pm -

8/20/15 Mike and Molly's - Champaign, IL - Angie Heaton - Jake Fleischli - Henry Frayne - Rick Valentin - Show starts at 8pm -

11/11/15 Café Mustache - Chicago, IL, USA - C.W.T. - Lanterna - Show starts at 9pm -

11/14/15 The Gatherings Concert Series - St. Mary's Hamilton Village (On the campus of the University of Pennsylvania) - Philadelphia, PA - Lanterna -

11/15/15 Pianos - Upstairs Lounge - New York, NY, USA - DJ Whoami - Lanterna - Brian Krumm - Slow Leaves - Free Concert - Starts at 7pm -

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